Thursday 04.07.13 - 18:00 - Arena

Despite keeping in shape by playing live things have been quiet around Suicidal Tendencies with regards to making new albums lately. But 2013 is set to be a special year for front man Mike Muir (aka Cyco Mico) and his entourage of pumped up homeboys. The album 13 is the first in as many years and includes – you guessed it – 13 searing tracks which all demonstrate why Suicidal Tendencies is an institution. Not only the lead singer has long ago become a myth in the flesh; the guitarist Dean Pleasants is close to becoming a legend in his own right based on his funky grooves and eloquent solos. Whether you enjoy hardcore, thrash metal or skate punk, you HAVE to experience tracks like ”Institutionalized” and ”I Saw Your Mommy” live, before you kick off your sneakers for good.

Label: Suicidal / Target

Old-school hardcore

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