until Roskilde Festival 2014 - 29 June to 6 July


Saturday 07.07.12 - 03:00 - Cosmopol

Danish-language hip hop is a crooked city full of rocking beats.

Using Shanksville as an imaginative place, Specktors fill their self-titled debut album with twaddling strokes of genius about pubs, apocalyptic hangovers and tribal tattoos.

On a sizzling bed of clubby electro, the troublemakers shits between cheeky, silly and benighted.

Specktors are the guarantors of a hip hop party full of attitude. 2012 also offers a new album from the four nightclub pirates.

Label: EMI

Clubby Copenhagen slum hip hop with a party guarantee.

Band schedule is ready in May

Roskilde Festival releases the time schedule in May, if everything works out at least somewhat according to plan.

We don’t do it until then to make the best schedule possible for our audience. When we, for various reasons, are forced to make changes late in the process, we have a better chance at putting together a programme that considers both the spreading of genres, the performer's touring plans and safety at the festival.

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