Saturday 07.07.12 - 01:30 - Arena

Over the past 15 years, he has steadily been promoted to the genre's premier league. Today, Paul Kalkbrenner's name is written in big letters at explosive, electronic parties throughout Europe.

Kalkbrenner's dream of creating his own danceable techno started in the 90s on Berlin's hot dance floors. However, things didn't really take off until the 00s.

Since the job of soundtrack composer and leading actor in the cult film Berlin Calling, Paul Kalkbrenner has become some kind of figurehead for the Berlin techno scene. The 2011 album Icke Wieder cements the German's talent for creating beautiful and harmonious minimal techno.

Now the Berliner beats move to Roskilde Festival. Brace yourself for an electronic party in widescreen, which will probably put the German in the company of former Roskilde conquerors such as Trentemøller and Tiësto.

Label: Paul Kalkbrenner Musik / VME

Figurehead of the Berlin techno scene.

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