Friday 05.07.13 - 21:30 - Gloria

Krar is the name of a kind of lyre, an Ethiopian descent of string instrument said to have been played even way back in ancient Egypt. Despite the long ancestry, the aged instrument has never sounded as it does in the hands of Krar Collective. With a bucketful of electricity vocalist and virtuoso Temesegen Tareken make the strings light up and spark in your ears. He is backed up by Genet Asefa and Amare who enrich the hypnotic string tones with song, dance, exclamations of joy, hand claps and highly physical drumming. The music of Krar Collective collects parts of its sound in the traditional, religious ceremonies of Ethiopia, still you sense from the rocking, even funky, pulse that the trio is currently residing in London.

Label: Riverboat / Cosmos

Electric, danceable lyre rock
Photo: Glenn Edwards

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