Sunday 06.07.14 - 19:00 - Pavilion

The music of Juana Molina is tuned into its very own frequency. Her songs are a kind of tropicalia with baroque loops on a bumpy and twisted road.

The unique Argentinian draws on South American pop with lots of sun-drenched bossa feel and vitamin D. But at the same time there is a vibe that breaks the sunny notes and makes the music taste of avantgarde pop in the style of bands such as Deerhoof.

Juana Molina has the ability to make the deeply obscure sound approachable, and she does it in an unforced way that is characteristic of the true and great originals.

After five years of near silence, this musical loner has at last laid a new and wacky golden egg – the album Wed 21.

Original tropicalia with a twist
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