Saturday 05.07.14 - 16:00 - Avalon

Brazilian hip hop is all about politics. No one is more aware of this than Emicida.

His brilliant take on the genre is steadily turning him into one of the spearheads of rap in the vast country. Those who don't understand the Portuguese lyrics will still catch the rhythm, the flow and the linguistic skills of the lad whose career started in the favelas of São Paolo as a champion freestyle rapper.

Funk, samba, jazz, African pulse and North American hip hop inspiration flow in unison when Emicida resonates with the many agendas of his people on a base of a sun-drenched melodiousness.

The hip hop map of the world is expanding. With sharp and motivated players from the south like Emicida, the United States are getting a run for their money.

Edgy hip hop from São Paolo
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