Friday 04.07.14 - 23:00 - Avalon

Nicolas Jaar, one half of DARKSIDE, visited Denmark for the first time at Roskilde Festival in 2011. Back then guitarist Dave Harrington was part of his band. Since then the two have started a real partnership.

The duo combines hot guitar licks and vocals with intergalactic electronica – the realm of lonely comets and NASA probes.

Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, funk, house, lounge jazz, disco, ambient and soft rock are a part of this odyssey through the black and silvery void.

DARKSIDE has conquered both remote solar systems and a lot of hearts with a type of music that is both corny, beautiful and dizzy. Their shows feature live scenography from Children of the Light.

Intergalactic atmospheric disco - photo: Jed DeMoss
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