Saturday 06.07.13 - 16:00 - Cosmopol

With his half-mad appearance, inimitable rap and eccentric choice of productions, Danny Brown is a much more spectacular acquaintance than the somewhat anonymous artist name suggests.

He has grown up in Detroit, is a self-confessed music geek and has continued the legacy of the cap-clad king of the city J Dilla in the company of Black Milk.

Danny Brown's lyrical universe often revolves around bad medications and the grim conditions of Motor City. His mental condition is not all that bad, however, as he leaves room for plenty of quivering women's thighs and hefty doses of humour.

Look forward to a hefty round in the ring with this dentally challenged rhyme dribbler whose musical backdrop alternates between sugar-coated soul and sparkling electronics.

Label: Fool's Gold / import

Manically eminent Detroit rapper

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