Friday 05.07.13 - 01:30 - Arena

With an arsenal of old analogue synthesizers, Canadian band Crystal Castles paint beautiful images of a cold world.

Ethan Kath and Alice Glass both come from a background in punk. They inject the energy into their trance-inspired electronica. Glass is in front – one moment angry and shrill, the next fervently sighing.

The band has turned down the shock effects from the early albums – and the latest, III, shows a triumphant greatness in the music.

What is left is a violently beating heart and an insistence that although the world may be relentless, the sound of it can still be beautiful as a snow queen.

Crystal Castles have toured almost non-stop past couple of years. Expect a band in great form hitting Roskilde this summer. 

Label: Fiction / Universal

Electro duo with grandiose gloom.

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