Friday 06.07.12 - 13:00 - Arena

We present a unique marathon show, designed especially for Roskilde Festival.

A handful of Copenhagen-based bands has created a joint platform with Copenhagen Collaboration. A union to strengthen the sense of community and the ties that are already thriving in the Copenhagen music underground. Alcoholic Faith Mission, CODY, Sleep Party People, Hellraiserten, Monkey Cup Dress, Stærosaurus, Before the Show, From Sarah, You. You. You. and Ondt and the Gracehoper now live out these sympathetic ideals.

This array of bands weave together a totally unique concert. Focus is on the alternative rock of the first three bands, from melancholic americana to creeping eerieness.

With almost 30 musicians from Copenhagen's alternative scene on stage, you can look forward to a different experience where the numerous musicians enlarge, rethink and reinterpret the collective's songs. Copenhagen Collaboration emphasises a sense of community over individualised consideration and lets the songs flow together in a gigantic multi-concert. Only at Roskilde Festival.

A unique musical collaboration with leading bands from the Copenhagen underground.
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