until Roskilde Festival 2014 - 29 June to 6 July


Saturday 07.07.12 - 12:00 - Pavilion

Brooklyn has become a mecca for the bespectacled hipster. But the New York hood also has a tradition of angry hardcore.

Cerebral Ballzy seems madly in love with 80s hardcore punk like Black Flag and Minor Threat. The young New Yorkers play aggressively, fast and loud.

This is not a punk band that has memorised Marx's Das Kapital. It’s rather a flock of hungry young lions ready to vanquish pop punk such as Green Day and Blink 182 from the musical world map.

Cerebral Ballzy gives Brooklyn a renaissance as a place where your hipster glasses will be crushed if you head in the wrong direction.

Label: Cooking Vinyl / import

Classic, testicle-crushing hardcore punk.
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