Thursday 05.07.12 - 01:00 - Orange

The future has arrived at Roskilde Festival. It is called Apparatjik.

With an until now unseen coupling of pop music, quantum theory and rocket science, the four man super group has ventured into the same regions of the galaxy found in the dreams of only the most daring science fiction authors.

A group containing super producer Martin Terefe and members of Mew, Coldplay and a-ha ensures that the music holds a dream-like, floating sensation as well as highly catchy synth melodies. At the same time it is evident that Apparatjik has put on the space suits and severed the connection to our blue-green world.

Expect yet another unique experiment with the concept of concert at Roskilde Festival – equal parts electronic pop party and revolutionary art installation.

Label: A:larm

Seance from the future led by forces from a-ha, Mew and Coldplay.
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